Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wahh tomorrow going taiping...eeee...boring there

and today is the triplex camp for scouters ryte...well goodluck peeps

haihz i wanna join scouts next year. Going to join with Julian..not like karate..but its fun just that lazy to wake up..hahaha i prefer dreaming...
Now holidays arent going as plan..thought it would be more fun...loll anyway cant wait for the big day "19 december"..guess what day is it..its krystin's i think i over exaggerate it..but seriously krys..cant you fly here asap ?? miss ya lots

Monday, November 19, 2007

the day has stinkng braces is more pain
yesterday was quite an extraodinary chat with vicky..learn lots of new word she puts into her sentence like " ikut sama sama together forever selama-lamanya ....." She even started her story with " Once apon a time"..LOLL
haha and much more which i cant really remember how she said it..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

yesterday was not that bad though...whole day lazing around waiting for my teacher's wedding..then it had finally come..XD...dressed up and went to find the place..hmm ot bad there is should see me eat

NONE STOP MAN!!!!!!!!...i was hungry so yea...couldnt stop eating

well ms leong does this mean no more detention ??!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the leh
looking somewhere...XD
suppose to be emo but jian xiong started to laugh
tugu negara
waiting for ...something

hahaha weng wai kena bully

Wednesday, November 14, 2007's over now..with a blink of an eye

it happen so going to form 2..xD..the last day of school wasnt half bad..we did take pictures and stuff..the problem is uploading it from my phone to the com..i like the tugu negara and the emo ones we took together..haha so sad craig couldnt come...

yesterday was better..i couldnt go to sktm so merajuk la..then suddenly out of the blue julian minutes later weng wai, ren chii, kum fong, and julian came to visit..haha then later we went shopping to buy tiek yi's sad cant go to his party..

we were walking into so many shops trying to find shirts,bags or whatever thats nice for him...hahah oh yea i checked all the price tag first before deciding..*cheeky smile*.. haha so expensive..pok eye already cause of that..then later we went to the movies....

we wanna buy coke pun susah cause no more money.... we watched "balls of fury" should hear ren chii laugh..DAMN LOUD..hahaha..XD well guess he like the part " DIE LIKE A TIGER THAN LIVE LIKE A PUSSY"..ROFL

Sunday, November 11, 2007

yesterday was quite fun in ALWI's hse...
except the part where weng wai and craig took my phone dont wanna know..was kinda piss that time..
but the time when they took Jian Xiong's phone was hillarious..first weng wai hid under a table..haha

then when Jian Xiong found out..we hid in the toilet..haha so sad he had to ermm deal with some girl problems..wanna know whats the prob ?? go ask him and he will tell you..hahah

Then we went to the park..we played hide and seek..haha everyone was found except kum fong so we decided to leave him there and run home..haha you should see him ..after we hide all around the house..XD

Friday, November 9, 2007

today damn fun in futsal...foot aching but feels good..xD

so many injuries..and somemore girls joined us..amanda sabreena jen wei and erica
we boys dare not tackle them so it was abit hard to get the ball..XD

after that we went mamak stall..ahaha ren chii kena from erica cause he hid her phone...its in julian's back all the time..then we walked to kum fong's hse

GAMBLED LIKE CRAP..i won two bucks..that weng wai won two bucks from me...sobss he makan duit la if not can untung four bucks..wait i wanna own back weng wai..haha sure kum fong kena from parents cause sister caught him gambling..hahah

Monday, November 5, 2007

lol finally posting again..anyway today is the last day of form 1..not exactly last..and we ponteng some time of puan khoo

the worst is the last two periods..MS SATHYA'S

walau we didnt go for recess just for class party and guess what..she spend her whole two period talking nonsense...and we had 10 minutes of pleasure and food..not

junk food was serve..thought it would be pizza or kfc..but sweets and junk food..ahh who cares la

they planning class party this sunday 1 to 6.. so feel free to crash the party..haha jk jk

Friday, November 2, 2007

ahh so long havent update my blogg..anyway
got plans
hopefully can go to all..hehe

saturday -sktm
sunday -FCS thing
next thursday -class outing..hmm

man my dad is going to scold cause so many outings..who cares anyway..haha craig gtg to the camp training..goodluck :)..bored bored bored

past few days in school had been playing risk..not the easy though..cause i dont play strategy..XD so yea i got owned in risk..nvm try again