Saturday, July 26, 2008

Late night come home!!!

today was the best DAY EVER

I went to aunty ng's house
We had a reunion...lots of people went
I missed the feeling of her black chicken

and Cliff was there, so were Samantha and Stephanie
Yea we known each other for a long time...I remember Steph was so anti social
She would sit at one corner with her gameboy and play the whole day till she gets bored or runs outta battery

HHAHA so after that we went starbucks


The lastest time I ever stayed outta house
and we had coffee...I think thats why I am kinda hypered up now

So we played a game called Outburst
It was fun....its like a guessing game thing

haha sat there for dunno how long..I think 1 hour
Well I reached home at 1.05

I remembered...cause thats when i called someone at this hour...hahah oops

xD so yea thats basically my day...oh yea this morning I woke up for park again
It was pretty tiring but who cares...Jia Xin's bf was there
HAHAH he looked familiar actually

Well okay then getting late...ciaoz

Sunday, July 20, 2008

today was a one heck of a day

Went to futsal for renchii's party...damn funny
But i couldnt stay for the kfc...eshhh eshhh

anyways then i went to the park.
again another activity for me...well now i am basically stuck at home

i just wanna go the the seaside..sit on that same rock i sat on in redang
thinking about what i really want, who i really want and stuffs like that
is it worth? am i wasting my time?

this questions suddenly occured in my mind

why do we live these lives that we do even though its bad
i dunno why i am saying this but yea

full of questions in life

but as the joker in the movie say

Saturday, July 19, 2008

today i watched the dark knight. WOW freaking awesome.
I went at 2.30 and it finished at 5.

anyways thats not the big picture
today i woke up at 6.30
went to the park

jia xin and natalyn were waiting already
hehe yea so kinda walked to the park

sadly someone's boyfriend couldnt join us
so yea we carried on me i was tired and sleepy but just teman them
besides the sunrise was pretty amazing


haha so yea after 9 we went our seperate ways
it was fun though

they actually play better basketball then i do...who knew (i suck in bb fyi)

hahah okay then i gtg...ciaoz

Sunday, July 13, 2008

day 2

being bored at home and nothing to do
nothing in hand but a camera
so what do you do ? take random pictures

see how good boy he is when he sits...

the flowers blooming
okay i just love this one
if you look real closely...ITS A FAKE FLOWER... :P

Saturday, July 12, 2008

today i got my SLR camera...woot
actually i didnt want it but my grandpa said he insisted so yea i got it
it was pretty random aunt wanted one so my grandpa decided to buy us one each

somewhere over the rainbow skies are blue
this one is nice
this one is nice
my aunt checking the manual book while i snap away

look me using the camera...heheh


okay thats about it

Sunday, July 6, 2008

wow i forgot the feeling of going online for dunno how many weeks.
damn its good to be back

anyways i have been busy lately so i didnt get to post about redang and all

actually redang was amazing despite the hot weather. Went for diving and snorkelling and sat on the boat to go there was like windy experience

damn it was nice anyways alot has happened these past few weeks and i forgot them all... :P

what to do getting erm thats about it actually. lazy to blog..will post the pictures some other time..CIAOZ