Monday, December 31, 2007

siew ho came over to my house and weng wai. we walked to 1u..before that siew ho..your nike air shoe too light till can fall is it
then we walked and walked then we went to meet the "PERSON". Went to eat mcD.....WALAU GG LIKE CRAP WEIII...busteddd bells start ringing
Then the movie started...rush there like crap k. Lose some pounds though...ahhah. The second "SOMEONE" was damn lateeeeee. I was the only fool waiting for the lagi worse fools in the cinema. Damn kau angry...and siew ho i know you arent dissapointed in me...XD

Went to the upperroof....bugger i insisted on using the lift but they pandai pandai use stairs. Make me run only man.

Then we walked around. And around. And around till finally we decided to go home...said our goodbyes and ciaoed
Siew ho had some trouble in my house..sorry i couldnt help
Then we went to one U again...walau i scolded siew ho like crap only...make me walk there only

THE FIREWORKS...haha julian i kesian youi like crap. Cant see any lightings in subang..should have come my house lehhh....wakakka
all he can hear is us describing the fireworks...nvm we got the video if you want but must pay

then we talked till Lee Ann four people in history
then julian hantam-ed us both.....dont worry we will revenge you one day juliannnn. Ps siew ho: "i dint say i will revenge...okay maybe i will"

Talked crap until sleplt at 3am......siew ho's sms damn noisy..keep vibrating
haihz i pening man. Next thing in the morning the blanket was gone from me. Siew ho stole it.....
walau damn tiredd...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

school has been unfair.....weng wai ended up in balllaauuu...

alwi and i went to belian haihz. who going belian??
And weng wai... be like this year and accidentally come to belian please. HAHA XD

then when you come in teacher will go " weng wai i dont see your name in this list "
weng wai says " oh i suppose to be in batai...or balau...or cengal "

today the queue was damn long..waited damn long for the books..haihz have to spend my time writing names again. On the bright side, YAY SCHOOL STARTING...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

hmm today seems boring cause i couldnt get to go out with krystin. Well dissapointments in life such as these. Haihz stayed least i got something that i love( food and sleep)...XD

hmm i remember when i was bored i used to play hide and seek with my friends
created some silly games like the FEAR were we cute running around trying unfearful stuff

and we played those ice and fire where you run till your pants drop not letting the catcher touch you. wow miss those times and in another 37 more days i am turning 14

ahhh "can see freshmans and bully them" weng wai says...XD i agree
it seems so fast. First we were sitting in class getting to know each other and now we are going out turning 14 soon. Krystin, come to our first day of school k!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wow today was very tiring and so fun..went out with krystin, julian, alwi, siew ho, weng wai, dang, yukane, liang, jun wei, cs, khing mae, astrid and sandra

we went to eat at ms the bill was 200 over k...and krys made julian go all the way to mcD to meet us..hahah so saddd...and owh yea krystin..hope you like the pink colour hair pin..haha

then we went to the movies..haihz golden compass again..julian you stole my seat..XD number 14 is mine...and it was boringgggg...nothing much except everyone fighting for seats closer to krystin..Krystin, you must be proud!!

bowling time was quite fun..dang had his..erm personal fun..XD and KHING MAE and Weng Wai got a strike whereas krystin got 1 pin.....down..hahaha... khing mae, ask the boys to let you play bowling more..damn kesian you...XD...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

tagged by wen qi

seven things to be done before my death:
1. get a good location to bury my dead body
2.enjoy like crazy my special person..XD
4.go visit the world like mad
7.write goodbye notes for myself

seven things i will NOT do even if it kills me:
2.take drugs
3.kill.. literally
4.betray people i care about
5.not sms
6.not sleep
7.if i can remember i will post it out

seven things I do when I'm away from the public:
1. jump around
2. scold myself
3. make crazy faces..which i so dont do
4. dance
5. bathe
6. talk to myself
7. XD.. cant tell

seven fav sentences/quotes:
1.yea i know
2.anything decide
3.oh shit my mum is scolding
4.i am so damn bored
6.crap la i did something wrong
7.later la now lazy

seven favourite songs from all time:
1. elvis - cant help falling in love with you
2. fall out boys - the takes over the breaks over
3.pearl jam - last kiss
4.hillsong - this is my desire
6.lazy to type
7. lazy to think

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did:
1. you lied to me
2. you betrayed me
3. you tagged seriously...its mah fan
4. you took my food away when i aint finished
5. you feed me
6. you insulted me
7. you killed me

seven people to tag:
1.whoever who read this (x7)..XD
i watched I AM LEGEND today...i was like hmm how late.

20 minutes late !!!

well the show isnt that kinda heartbeating show..haha

its about the vampiress...sucking blood out of hunger...LOL

Thursday, December 13, 2007

LOL.. i am boredddddd....whats wrong with holidays

i remember sitting in school just waiting till school ends...but now i am sitting at home wishing school would start...

if holidays was with my friends then i seriously dont mind...but haihz..

holz sucks when you arent having fun

Sunday, December 9, 2007

today was the..well you can say the best out of the whole two weeks i had...i went to the curve with sabby, iman, andrea, esther and siew ho

i was doing my own things till i got a call from siew ho saying " wanna go out "

we went to watch the enchanted..wanted to watch heartbreak kid or hitman..well the show isnt eat

all bad the chipmunk..HOW DO YOU KNOWWW......

imagine kena marah from teacher for not knowing the answer..just sing this...HOW DO I KNOWww

Before we watched the movie, we went to eat...we were talking about ms she destroyed our lives...pfft what a teacher

walau it was like the first time esther and andrea been to the movies...everytime can hear them laughing or talking or even no offence but
while we were watching both your heads popped on top of our heads okay!!...ahaha

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

haihz genting sucks again..i shall repeat myself..paid 30 something to sit two bloody rides...waited 1 hour just for one ride...and another hour for another ride

if go out with friends i dont mind but....i am with younglings and going out them isnt the best outing..

tomorrow can go home..HALLELUJAH

Sunday, December 2, 2007

finally came back from taiping...AND NOW GOING GENTING...MAHFULAT LA...never stop..haihzz

taiping was...well boring and everyword that makes you sleep with it...nothing to do there

newayzzz hate genting..every time there is a nice feeling of going on rollercoasters..POOF no chance to sit on it..either its under renovation, raining or parents dont let..thats why i hate it there but i love water ridess..lolz and going there to buy stuff is ermm...definately out..too expensive..XD

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

wahh tomorrow going taiping...eeee...boring there

and today is the triplex camp for scouters ryte...well goodluck peeps

haihz i wanna join scouts next year. Going to join with Julian..not like karate..but its fun just that lazy to wake up..hahaha i prefer dreaming...
Now holidays arent going as plan..thought it would be more fun...loll anyway cant wait for the big day "19 december"..guess what day is it..its krystin's i think i over exaggerate it..but seriously krys..cant you fly here asap ?? miss ya lots

Monday, November 19, 2007

the day has stinkng braces is more pain
yesterday was quite an extraodinary chat with vicky..learn lots of new word she puts into her sentence like " ikut sama sama together forever selama-lamanya ....." She even started her story with " Once apon a time"..LOLL
haha and much more which i cant really remember how she said it..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

yesterday was not that bad though...whole day lazing around waiting for my teacher's wedding..then it had finally come..XD...dressed up and went to find the place..hmm ot bad there is should see me eat

NONE STOP MAN!!!!!!!!...i was hungry so yea...couldnt stop eating

well ms leong does this mean no more detention ??!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

the leh
looking somewhere...XD
suppose to be emo but jian xiong started to laugh
tugu negara
waiting for ...something

hahaha weng wai kena bully

Wednesday, November 14, 2007's over now..with a blink of an eye

it happen so going to form 2..xD..the last day of school wasnt half bad..we did take pictures and stuff..the problem is uploading it from my phone to the com..i like the tugu negara and the emo ones we took together..haha so sad craig couldnt come...

yesterday was better..i couldnt go to sktm so merajuk la..then suddenly out of the blue julian minutes later weng wai, ren chii, kum fong, and julian came to visit..haha then later we went shopping to buy tiek yi's sad cant go to his party..

we were walking into so many shops trying to find shirts,bags or whatever thats nice for him...hahah oh yea i checked all the price tag first before deciding..*cheeky smile*.. haha so expensive..pok eye already cause of that..then later we went to the movies....

we wanna buy coke pun susah cause no more money.... we watched "balls of fury" should hear ren chii laugh..DAMN LOUD..hahaha..XD well guess he like the part " DIE LIKE A TIGER THAN LIVE LIKE A PUSSY"..ROFL

Sunday, November 11, 2007

yesterday was quite fun in ALWI's hse...
except the part where weng wai and craig took my phone dont wanna know..was kinda piss that time..
but the time when they took Jian Xiong's phone was hillarious..first weng wai hid under a table..haha

then when Jian Xiong found out..we hid in the toilet..haha so sad he had to ermm deal with some girl problems..wanna know whats the prob ?? go ask him and he will tell you..hahah

Then we went to the park..we played hide and seek..haha everyone was found except kum fong so we decided to leave him there and run home..haha you should see him ..after we hide all around the house..XD

Friday, November 9, 2007

today damn fun in futsal...foot aching but feels good..xD

so many injuries..and somemore girls joined us..amanda sabreena jen wei and erica
we boys dare not tackle them so it was abit hard to get the ball..XD

after that we went mamak stall..ahaha ren chii kena from erica cause he hid her phone...its in julian's back all the time..then we walked to kum fong's hse

GAMBLED LIKE CRAP..i won two bucks..that weng wai won two bucks from me...sobss he makan duit la if not can untung four bucks..wait i wanna own back weng wai..haha sure kum fong kena from parents cause sister caught him gambling..hahah

Monday, November 5, 2007

lol finally posting again..anyway today is the last day of form 1..not exactly last..and we ponteng some time of puan khoo

the worst is the last two periods..MS SATHYA'S

walau we didnt go for recess just for class party and guess what..she spend her whole two period talking nonsense...and we had 10 minutes of pleasure and food..not

junk food was serve..thought it would be pizza or kfc..but sweets and junk food..ahh who cares la

they planning class party this sunday 1 to 6.. so feel free to crash the party..haha jk jk

Friday, November 2, 2007

ahh so long havent update my blogg..anyway
got plans
hopefully can go to all..hehe

saturday -sktm
sunday -FCS thing
next thursday -class outing..hmm

man my dad is going to scold cause so many outings..who cares anyway..haha craig gtg to the camp training..goodluck :)..bored bored bored

past few days in school had been playing risk..not the easy though..cause i dont play strategy..XD so yea i got owned in risk..nvm try again

Monday, October 15, 2007

wow..been tired for two days already..friday and sat i went out

Friday's news

- Went 1u with kum fong,ren chii, eric, siew ho, weng wai, theik yi and kevin wong..before that i walked to 1u with weng wai..went inside and we felt so cold cause was freaking hot when we walked..then we went to find the others..theik yi was lost so kum fong and kevin went to pick up the

Anyway we saw quite alot of peeps such as andrea aileen and their gang...Then before we went to watch "the seeker" , we went batting..poor siew ho was scared of heights so ermm dont need to tell you what was his reaction..then after the fun we went to watch the was that a fun and tiring day

Saturday's news

-Went to sabz house for raya open no nothing sick was done k..anyway erica amanda ren chii esther kum fong and siew ho was there too..we watched the creep..haizz okay okay i was the only one with one eye closed and both ears closed..haha was scared k

Like erica said "WORST BF"..haha bet i cant take my future gf (if i get one) to horro movies and expect her to hug

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Combinations of two havocers

Today damn fun...keruing combine with cengal class..

We had dare or dare game and we sat in one big group..everyone must kena


-Craig had to pump in front of candace and show middle finger..haha another he had no STARJUMP IN FRONT OF THE CLASS SAYING I LOVE YOU SANDRAAAA..

-Weng wai had to pump and say i love you to and another was...was....shit i forgot..must have laugh to much

-I had to pour some water over my pants and ask jing hui to wipe..XD another one kena whack by a girl..ouchh you watch out soonlen

-Yu kane had to pull his pants high..act like a gay fellow..haha congratsss

-Wan jynn had to write krystle's name all over his leg and ask her to write her number..haha another he said to the girls "guess my hobi" with a paper written sex and he had to do the actions while we sang "i believe i can fly"

Jeremy had to..had to....arghh cant are lucky jeremy

Wing keong had to shake his balls..haha and had to sit on a chair VIBRATING..horny

Then out of a sudden after recess Julian, Siew ho, Astrid and Delon came..must be bored in their classes..i pity them..haha then potato and cik chow came in and spoiled our fun..haizzz..after that was pn lam..haha we made so much noise till she got so fedup..haha oops..oww yea pn the enviroment i know i it..

and Weng wai two brought cameras but no one took a nice picture..luckly didnt hire you guys..should have snap a shot when pn lam scoldig us.hahhaa..

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Today's special

Today damn lame..BI Sathya had a game..
bet you guys played it with her..its called sharade..Jian Xiong was so tall that he had to bend down just to talk to her..XD MAN

NO cooperation from our class..yawnz..Craig you better bring camera tomorrow..snap pictures in class..hahha..wanna snap pictures when teacher scolding students
many teachers arent going to be in school tomorrow so HALLELUJAH!!!!

First period Pn Jaliah didnt come and Pn Puah replaced her..
Weng Wai was so shocked cause that was the teacher that saw him play in the
mc D playground...we started laughing out loud..then teacher called weng wai to stand in front

haha after that we started to keep quiet and let weng wai stand in front for a while..haha you should see his cute innocent face..

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

results are back

Wah..three days of holidays and now results are back..

Maths- 94%
Science- 84% hantam weng wai..haha weng wai dont feel sad k..he was like so quiet after we talk about him...sorry k chia dont be sad

Weng wai emo-ing..arghh still not staisfied with my results

F#*@ lah..and weng wai i will bow down to you k if you win me in BM so all the best..LOL

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Love are easy to make hard to maintain,
To keep that love needs lots of pain,
But with true feelings nothing is impossible,
Cause to you your lover is valuable.

My love for you is uncertain but true,
Cause although I am confuse but I still love you,
My mind is mixed up with an uncertain thought,
But i dont wanna let go cause you are all i got.
Aku yang lemah tanpamu
Aku yang rentan karena
Cinta yang telah hilang darimu
Yang mampu menyangjungku
Selama mata terbuka
Sampai jantung tak berdetak
Selama itupun aku mampu untuk mengenangmu
Darimu...kutemukan hidupku
Bagiku...kaula cinta sejati

Bila yang tertulis untukmu
Adalah yang terbaik untukmu
Kan ku jadikan kau kenangan
Yang terindah dalam hidupku
Namun takkan mudah bagiku
Meninggalkan jejak hidupku
Yang tlah terukir abadi
Sebagai kenangan yang terindah
Just came back from a wedding was that tiring.........
The food there sucks la..spoiled my great appetite..

Eh chia, lets go 1utama..i teman you go buy keyboard cause cant
stand staying at home any longer

Wanna go bowling, parties, cinema, play pool anything but stay home and do nothing but watch the com

things i do at home when i am bored

-act like an idiot
-running around screaming i am boredays

Boring day...

haiz boring boring boring..tomorrow no school somemore..
Shit today sprained my ankle..arghh

Chatting with weng wai...he says "His keyboard rosak and everyone is hearing his beautiful voice" thats unbelievable..imagine everyone having chia's voice as their will the world die of lameness..

His excuse for his bad skills in badminton

" I havent played for one year "..hahah sorry chia..cant help laughing about it..

Saturday, October 6, 2007 more exams and yet i am at home..went for 4 hours tuition
Arghh couldnt go for badminton somemore..sobz they took pictures without me k..

What about today..Lazing around
I think thats all i did today..wanna go out with friends weii..plan plan plan

Friday, October 5, 2007

Made a new blog..cause the other one is dead and cant be saved
Hadent got time to update so doesnt look nice
Anyways...HOLIDAYS are more exams
..still remember how i was with the last paper..haha now dont have to worry cause

EXAMS are over..haizz what happened last night was a tragic. My close friend and a sister to me has changed. Are we all form 1s are lame. So what if we like playing guitars and stuff that doesnt make us lame does it. Well for her and her form 2 friends its pretty much like we are the "freaks of DJ"..thats what she said. I hope everything settles down. As God always says. forgive and forget..