Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wow today was very tiring and so fun..went out with krystin, julian, alwi, siew ho, weng wai, dang, yukane, liang, jun wei, cs, khing mae, astrid and sandra

we went to eat at ms the bill was 200 over k...and krys made julian go all the way to mcD to meet us..hahah so saddd...and owh yea krystin..hope you like the pink colour hair pin..haha

then we went to the movies..haihz golden compass again..julian you stole my seat..XD number 14 is mine...and it was boringgggg...nothing much except everyone fighting for seats closer to krystin..Krystin, you must be proud!!

bowling time was quite fun..dang had his..erm personal fun..XD and KHING MAE and Weng Wai got a strike whereas krystin got 1 pin.....down..hahaha... khing mae, ask the boys to let you play bowling more..damn kesian you...XD...

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