Sunday, December 9, 2007

today was the..well you can say the best out of the whole two weeks i had...i went to the curve with sabby, iman, andrea, esther and siew ho

i was doing my own things till i got a call from siew ho saying " wanna go out "

we went to watch the enchanted..wanted to watch heartbreak kid or hitman..well the show isnt eat

all bad the chipmunk..HOW DO YOU KNOWWW......

imagine kena marah from teacher for not knowing the answer..just sing this...HOW DO I KNOWww

Before we watched the movie, we went to eat...we were talking about ms she destroyed our lives...pfft what a teacher

walau it was like the first time esther and andrea been to the movies...everytime can hear them laughing or talking or even no offence but
while we were watching both your heads popped on top of our heads okay!!...ahaha

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