Saturday, May 31, 2008

indiana jones...hmm not a bad movie

just came back from the movies with my parents so decided to blog it out

another reason is cause i havent been blogging for few days


I found three more indiana jones movies inside my mums movies drawer.
Saving it for tomorrow in case I get bored


okay i seriously dunno what to blog about

oh yea just called hannah ...okay it was seriously random
i dunno who is who...what is going on...yea was kinda blurr the whole conversation
i was like " errr " and " huh " most of the time

what can i say they were noisy and i called them for 23 minutes...ahh die bill comes out i am sure gonna get it from dad

haihz..this is what happens if you know hannah

hahah jk jk

haihz okay thats about it
hannah asked me to sleep so thats what i am going to do ??

xD ciaoz

Thursday, May 29, 2008


hillsong united rocks!!!!!!

it all started when i left the house at 7.15.......

my mum and i were in the car
we were looking for glad tidings
my face showed full of excitement
couldnt wait to get down...and when i did

"excuse me if you are here for hillsong united, its in the other glad tidings" someone told us
ahhh i rushed into the car and my mum drove like super fast to get to jalan 13/4

and when i did i was late for the concert. Actually i reached there just in time
yea called victoria...she didnt pick up
i spent my 30 minutes alone...then here's the best part

i recognize some tall dude's hairstyle and guess what

haihz i didnt take any pics cause i was rushing and forgot the camera...and i thought my bluetooth was spoiled but then it worked today
damn it...unlucky

well today wasnt that bad..quite tired actually
cause i went for badminton with tuition teacher and friends and guess badminton court
we had to use a tennis court...potong steam
we looked like idiots playing badminton in a tennis court..xD

LOL thats about it...ciaoz

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wow its been sometime since i blogged

well lets get started

i came back from genting at about 3 pm yesterday
genting wasnt as boring as i expected

sat many rides...yea i actually took a picture of the tracks while i was sitting on one of the rides
was so scared my phone will actually drop

and we sat on the corkscrew like about 3 times?? yea it made me had the urge to piss few times
had to rush to the toilet after every ride

ahha and genting was FREEZING.. i was shaking my balls off after sitting on the sungai rajang water ride thing...was all wet that time and it was so windy

hmmm the whole trip wasnt a screwup and i guess my cousins arent that bad after all

so now i am stuck here waiting for 8 pm to come... HILLSONG CONCERT

cant believe my parents actually let me go
i even turned down the 1u outing just to go for this concert
that shows how excited i am

oh yea and another bro is ON the way to taiping so i will be alone for few days...maybe a week but who cares

well will miss bullying him though...ahhahah
okay i think thats all

wanna watch tv and maybe go bump around looking for stuffs to do..practically nothing to do actually since my bro is gone... ;)

Friday, May 23, 2008

ahhhh i am bored..holidays actually started
yesterday, class wasnt that bad actually

pn julie was so bored that she actually took out a camera
and asked me and many more to smile and pose for her


well we were sitting outside the corridoor of the class waiting for bell to ring...and it did
school's over


yea that doesnt suprise me somehow


well waiting for siew ho to arrive at my house
smart fella walked to bu11 from bu6
he said his legs are bleeding or something like that

hahah still no sign of him here

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

haihz its exactly 1.29 am and i am blogging
stupid dang

i was happily sleeping till my phone rang

i picked up the phone..."hello"

"you are going to dieeee" unknown voice

"siew ho ah" i said

"this is a red message you will die in5 minutes time"

"eh siew ho is it" i said

" (stupid noises) "

" Eh dang here sorry "


imagine how blurr was i when he said that
and now i am stuck online and i cant keep my eyes close for more than five minutes
dang really knows how to ruin ones sleep

and tomorrow i need as much energy to argue back with that pn cheng
(that useless fella dont wanna give me two marks you see whether i will give her hell or not) teacher my foot
put her brain under the microscope and it says IDIOT

(hope she doesnt know how to use a blog if not god help me)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

wow i cant believe i am actually bored
what is there to do in this cruel bored world

haihz oh yea this sunday going genting again...ARGH
hate it there

cause everytime i go there healthy i come back with a flu or cough
and yes the rides SUCK BIG TIME

i remember when i first met xiann
i saw him in genting...then after when i came back from genting i saw him again in 1u
i was like " who is he?? Is he stalking ME??" DEJAVU

hahah and now...xiann goes to my house and breaks my bike
not bad ehh

well thats all for today..wanna go back to sleep


Friday, May 16, 2008

last night was the beginning of the "exam's over" holidays

went to school and it was pretty fun
ate cake and got cake all over my face..long story

then we went 1u..well it wasnt that bad
haha you should have seen them in the movies
90% talking and the ten just watching
yea should have brought jacket inside...was freezing cold till my fingers were numb

on our way home xiann and i stop my at my house to grab weng wai's bike and mine to the park
wanna know something ? he broke my bike and weng wai's in one ryte he

sooo as i was saying, not a bad day after all..had a really really good sleep after that

hahah anyways there isnt much to blog these few days
exams with stress results with more

lol there is this emptiness in life that i can't seem to fill it up
a gap hole that is deep within
the question keeps occuring in my mind

Am i doing the right thing in life? Or is it the path i am following wrong?
What did i do to deserve so much or even deserve nothing?

Should i move on or should i stop and wait?

different questions about different things...but then guess what


haha well life's like you do something and when you wake up everything is gone

try to hold on but cant

satisfaction is not important at that moment

cause all you had is just a memory....

i remember when my grandpa was around..well i still miss him
i went through dang's blog and i felt tears rolling down my eyes
cause all we done for them..have we done enough?
i regretted i didnt attend my grandfather's funeral..which was in 2003 or 2004

now it has been 5 years or so i have been without him.
i remember everytime i had to perform on stage, everytime without fail he would come down from taiping just to watch me have fun

and i could see him like he is really there now if i am on stage...
i didnt get to tell him how much i miss him or love him

i dont want to make the same mistake again..
telling the ones i love and the one i fallen in love with that i love them...that i need them in my life
sorry dang for writting this post...

i am sorry grandpa

Monday, May 12, 2008

haihz exams is science

i have been doing badly for this term nd it doesnt seem like my dad is gonna be happy..
being a baby is actually quite relaxing. Nothing but eat sleep eat sleep but yet know

teenagers are them sometimes..hhaha like everytime we go out and ask them for money. Lol

well i wish life isnt that hard.......



Saturday, May 3, 2008

just imagine...having all the money you ever dream of and buying isnt a big deal anymore
these are stuffs i seriously love to have like cars, big big houses, guitars dont forget and ofcourse..bikes...xD

classic lol still amazing

now this is serious guitar... hardcore beauty

imagine putting each in every corner of your own big large house

the bike of my see those engines

aint she just a
now thats really i big dream..cant wait to have all of those
but now exams are coming and havent study...LAWL
well wont hurt to dream ryte...