Monday, December 31, 2007

siew ho came over to my house and weng wai. we walked to 1u..before that siew ho..your nike air shoe too light till can fall is it
then we walked and walked then we went to meet the "PERSON". Went to eat mcD.....WALAU GG LIKE CRAP WEIII...busteddd bells start ringing
Then the movie started...rush there like crap k. Lose some pounds though...ahhah. The second "SOMEONE" was damn lateeeeee. I was the only fool waiting for the lagi worse fools in the cinema. Damn kau angry...and siew ho i know you arent dissapointed in me...XD

Went to the upperroof....bugger i insisted on using the lift but they pandai pandai use stairs. Make me run only man.

Then we walked around. And around. And around till finally we decided to go home...said our goodbyes and ciaoed
Siew ho had some trouble in my house..sorry i couldnt help
Then we went to one U again...walau i scolded siew ho like crap only...make me walk there only

THE FIREWORKS...haha julian i kesian youi like crap. Cant see any lightings in subang..should have come my house lehhh....wakakka
all he can hear is us describing the fireworks...nvm we got the video if you want but must pay

then we talked till Lee Ann four people in history
then julian hantam-ed us both.....dont worry we will revenge you one day juliannnn. Ps siew ho: "i dint say i will revenge...okay maybe i will"

Talked crap until sleplt at 3am......siew ho's sms damn noisy..keep vibrating
haihz i pening man. Next thing in the morning the blanket was gone from me. Siew ho stole it.....
walau damn tiredd...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

school has been unfair.....weng wai ended up in balllaauuu...

alwi and i went to belian haihz. who going belian??
And weng wai... be like this year and accidentally come to belian please. HAHA XD

then when you come in teacher will go " weng wai i dont see your name in this list "
weng wai says " oh i suppose to be in batai...or balau...or cengal "

today the queue was damn long..waited damn long for the books..haihz have to spend my time writing names again. On the bright side, YAY SCHOOL STARTING...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

hmm today seems boring cause i couldnt get to go out with krystin. Well dissapointments in life such as these. Haihz stayed least i got something that i love( food and sleep)...XD

hmm i remember when i was bored i used to play hide and seek with my friends
created some silly games like the FEAR were we cute running around trying unfearful stuff

and we played those ice and fire where you run till your pants drop not letting the catcher touch you. wow miss those times and in another 37 more days i am turning 14

ahhh "can see freshmans and bully them" weng wai says...XD i agree
it seems so fast. First we were sitting in class getting to know each other and now we are going out turning 14 soon. Krystin, come to our first day of school k!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

wow today was very tiring and so fun..went out with krystin, julian, alwi, siew ho, weng wai, dang, yukane, liang, jun wei, cs, khing mae, astrid and sandra

we went to eat at ms the bill was 200 over k...and krys made julian go all the way to mcD to meet us..hahah so saddd...and owh yea krystin..hope you like the pink colour hair pin..haha

then we went to the movies..haihz golden compass again..julian you stole my seat..XD number 14 is mine...and it was boringgggg...nothing much except everyone fighting for seats closer to krystin..Krystin, you must be proud!!

bowling time was quite fun..dang had his..erm personal fun..XD and KHING MAE and Weng Wai got a strike whereas krystin got 1 pin.....down..hahaha... khing mae, ask the boys to let you play bowling more..damn kesian you...XD...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

tagged by wen qi

seven things to be done before my death:
1. get a good location to bury my dead body
2.enjoy like crazy my special person..XD
4.go visit the world like mad
7.write goodbye notes for myself

seven things i will NOT do even if it kills me:
2.take drugs
3.kill.. literally
4.betray people i care about
5.not sms
6.not sleep
7.if i can remember i will post it out

seven things I do when I'm away from the public:
1. jump around
2. scold myself
3. make crazy faces..which i so dont do
4. dance
5. bathe
6. talk to myself
7. XD.. cant tell

seven fav sentences/quotes:
1.yea i know
2.anything decide
3.oh shit my mum is scolding
4.i am so damn bored
6.crap la i did something wrong
7.later la now lazy

seven favourite songs from all time:
1. elvis - cant help falling in love with you
2. fall out boys - the takes over the breaks over
3.pearl jam - last kiss
4.hillsong - this is my desire
6.lazy to type
7. lazy to think

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did:
1. you lied to me
2. you betrayed me
3. you tagged seriously...its mah fan
4. you took my food away when i aint finished
5. you feed me
6. you insulted me
7. you killed me

seven people to tag:
1.whoever who read this (x7)..XD
i watched I AM LEGEND today...i was like hmm how late.

20 minutes late !!!

well the show isnt that kinda heartbeating show..haha

its about the vampiress...sucking blood out of hunger...LOL

Thursday, December 13, 2007

LOL.. i am boredddddd....whats wrong with holidays

i remember sitting in school just waiting till school ends...but now i am sitting at home wishing school would start...

if holidays was with my friends then i seriously dont mind...but haihz..

holz sucks when you arent having fun

Sunday, December 9, 2007

today was the..well you can say the best out of the whole two weeks i had...i went to the curve with sabby, iman, andrea, esther and siew ho

i was doing my own things till i got a call from siew ho saying " wanna go out "

we went to watch the enchanted..wanted to watch heartbreak kid or hitman..well the show isnt eat

all bad the chipmunk..HOW DO YOU KNOWWW......

imagine kena marah from teacher for not knowing the answer..just sing this...HOW DO I KNOWww

Before we watched the movie, we went to eat...we were talking about ms she destroyed our lives...pfft what a teacher

walau it was like the first time esther and andrea been to the movies...everytime can hear them laughing or talking or even no offence but
while we were watching both your heads popped on top of our heads okay!!...ahaha

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

haihz genting sucks again..i shall repeat myself..paid 30 something to sit two bloody rides...waited 1 hour just for one ride...and another hour for another ride

if go out with friends i dont mind but....i am with younglings and going out them isnt the best outing..

tomorrow can go home..HALLELUJAH

Sunday, December 2, 2007

finally came back from taiping...AND NOW GOING GENTING...MAHFULAT LA...never stop..haihzz

taiping was...well boring and everyword that makes you sleep with it...nothing to do there

newayzzz hate genting..every time there is a nice feeling of going on rollercoasters..POOF no chance to sit on it..either its under renovation, raining or parents dont let..thats why i hate it there but i love water ridess..lolz and going there to buy stuff is ermm...definately out..too expensive..XD