Sunday, April 26, 2009

So lil time

There are so many things to do. Hws, studies....what have I been doing all these time. There is absolutely no time for relaxing nor fun. PMR PMR PMR is all my tuition teacher talks about -.-

Anyway had a pretty good time with friends just now. At least it took my mind off school and stuffs. Mall cop was funny. Sarah wanted "Coming Soon". She's a freak for horror movies. Ate at Zanmai. Bill was about RM160 plus plus. The taxes are super freaking high!

Haha first outing was at nandos which costed us about like RM 80 plus plus. That was an experience I can never forget. Stupid waiter told us mineral water was free. Ordered like so many and yea they charged us. LOL paid 20 plus for the water alone.

Now I'll have to use what's left of my time to do my work. Lol pictures are with Ele so will post them as soon as she sends them to me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

OOO it's someone's birthday. Happy 15th Birthday Alicea Chia. Haha I'm not sure how we met....ask her. I'm very forgetful. Anyway hope you like your gifts and presents you got today. Haha sorry for waking you up last night just to wish you. MY FAULT. Lol

Pn Nomi : "Muka macam Patung Cina/Jepun". HAHAH I dunno whether it suits Aly's face but yea Pn Nomi isn't good at describing Aly. She is a great friend but very quiet. So if you can't hear her just ask her to speak up (:

Here's a pic I took from her facebook so you'll know how she looks like

Patung Jepun...hahahah!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunnies and Painted Eggs

Yay? Easter is here. If you guys don't know the story behind all these then ask your mummies and daddies. But one thing I do not get about this special day is Easter Bunny ?! I mean it has become a tradition that people paint eggs. I admit I used to k. It was pretty fun ;)

I don't know how the bunnies and eggs have got to do with anything. And after we paint the eggs the....bunnies will collect them and sent them away. LOL I'm just crapping.

Anyway church was normal. To be honest I'm a lil intimidated by the organs they play. Reminds me of those horror movies. Haha

Again don't mind me. I'm in a crappy mood. Just woke up from my daily naps. Yea not good I know. I miss 2 Belian. All the craps that we've been through. I mean don't get me wrong 3 Batai ain't bad, just not what I look forward to.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I.....actually went to school today thinking that SOME people might actually be there. It was sooo boring. I slept for like an hour. Wan Jyn slept on the floor. The teacher was like staring at him asking people what's wrong with Jyn and they told her " sleeping "

I vow not to gamble in school cause feng shui not good. Haha I lost RM6 thinking that I could actually win at least 1 Buck. Stupid me (:

Nearly skipped school but remembered that my mum was picking me up so a good boy (or at least in front of her) :D

I'll be late for my daily schedule. 3.00pm - Nap. So that's why I'm putting on weight if you're wondering.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Damn I hate it when it strikes. I was sleeping and it happened. MY PHONE LINE was strucked by lightning. It has been quite sometime since I haven't gone online cause of the phone line. It's still not fixed so I got fedup of waiting and used my dad's maxis USB.

It sucks. Yes I'm aware of how slow the connection is. Waited few minutes just to get into one site and end up Internet Explorer can't display blahblahblah. It took few tries to sign in to msn too. And it writes "High Speed Internet Acess" on the USB. Have they ever tried using their creations? No guess not.

I'm stuck at home with piles of homework to do. I've not started any of them yet (:

What's new? Hmmm seems like forever since I used the comp. Gosh there is so many things screwed up in DJ.

Trust me I regret dragging/being dragged by friends to DJ. Why couldn't we all have gone to a better school ): Our field is screwed up cause of the new classes Datin wanna build. And for that 3 storey building nonsense, I don't know how is she gonna fix all that too. Pfft wasting our money they asked us to donate. Build airconds for us bitc# :D