Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Bunnies and Painted Eggs

Yay? Easter is here. If you guys don't know the story behind all these then ask your mummies and daddies. But one thing I do not get about this special day is Easter Bunny ?! I mean it has become a tradition that people paint eggs. I admit I used to k. It was pretty fun ;)

I don't know how the bunnies and eggs have got to do with anything. And after we paint the eggs the....bunnies will collect them and sent them away. LOL I'm just crapping.

Anyway church was normal. To be honest I'm a lil intimidated by the organs they play. Reminds me of those horror movies. Haha

Again don't mind me. I'm in a crappy mood. Just woke up from my daily naps. Yea not good I know. I miss 2 Belian. All the craps that we've been through. I mean don't get me wrong 3 Batai ain't bad, just not what I look forward to.

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