Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

OOO it's someone's birthday. Happy 15th Birthday Alicea Chia. Haha I'm not sure how we met....ask her. I'm very forgetful. Anyway hope you like your gifts and presents you got today. Haha sorry for waking you up last night just to wish you. MY FAULT. Lol

Pn Nomi : "Muka macam Patung Cina/Jepun". HAHAH I dunno whether it suits Aly's face but yea Pn Nomi isn't good at describing Aly. She is a great friend but very quiet. So if you can't hear her just ask her to speak up (:

Here's a pic I took from her facebook so you'll know how she looks like

Patung Jepun...hahahah!

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