Friday, February 29, 2008

have you ever wondered whats love all about
been thinking about it everyday and yet nothing occurs

hearing songs about love doesnt give me a clue about it

i have experience the pain of being turned down and rejected..and nothing beats what i have been going through now

i love her so much yet get nothing in return
maybe its just a sign telling me to love her more and more..

guess its harder to love then to jump of a building
cause love is challenging yet painful along the way

everygirl is diff in each lovers eyes

heart not there when you see them but its always by the lovers side

Friday, February 22, 2008

haha today scouts is fun..just came back from scouts and now

brian came into our class and told us the test wasnt oral
the YUNG SERN suddenly "awwed"

haha you should see brian..when he walked towards yung sern i thought yung sern was going to get in trouble

then suddenly brian kneeled down and said "sorry boss sorry"

hahaha you should see yung serns face..he was terrified and now shocked

then we took the test..haha i was the first one to actually bite the xiann the worse

he must say " WHY SO YUMMY WAN". hahah

and brian insulted ashley..ahha he keep saying ashley always smile and stuffs like that

anyway we played this game where you put the bottle in the mid then when they call the numbers you have to rush to get the bottle if its your number. bugger julian fell like twice. haha his long legs are disadvantage..

anyway yesterday was kinda fun too...

walau he ride like 70 + . damn cool wei

then jian xiong broke my bag strap..hell him

haihz tuesday got audition for sofball. must try to get in for school team

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

yesterday was mr abel's last day

sobs gonna miss him a lot
and we got chocolate from him but batai had better

they had a party with good

well in CF he gave great words from god..haihz i was really touched by his words

he said we have to love those who cant be love or hard to be loved. Even if that guy is so irritating or what we must love him to be like god to call ourself christians
and he said we fight not cause of what we hate infront of us but what we care for behind us
he told us a story. a touching one

there is this outcast always gtting bullied. So form 5 prom came. as you know rejection sucks most ryte...well he got loads of them. its really sad and heartbreaking if you have been through that before. so he went up to a girl. that girl had a mental disable...who would go up to them truthfully ryte. we are humans and all the same but that guy didnt think that way. he went up to her and asked her to go to the prom with sweet ryte

this words will we remember you mr abel..anyway he lives behind my row so if you wanna go visiting i can take you to his house...ahahah

seriously even dang thinks it was so strong and deep the words he give...and daniel ong, now i know why you hate cupids...lolll

anyway today didnt go for a particular reason....

even Xiann didnt
so thats about it i guess. will blog more later on..hahax

Monday, February 11, 2008

lol today got a new dog...A POODLE

wait it isnt those poodle that got shaved. trust me i will never get those poodles
this one is so adorableeee..i called him bumper

lol cause when i brought first him into the house,he started bumping around. first against the shelve. then he bumped into the bottle and the table

the worst bump was when i was lying down on the floor and my bro was running with the dog and guess what ??

WHAM the dog hit my forehead. that guy must have rolled over but it stood up and continue running...loll so cute

haihz if i got my cardreader then can upload the pic

Bumper is kinda small. His fav place is under the chair. lol so small till actually can fit
well matches lil joel anyway..XD

Saturday, February 9, 2008

how do you actually express yourself to your love ones when every word you say, they dont believe what you mean

the scar left iin eeverygirls heart in the past scars you in the present

every step you take you get pushed three steps back
every time you rest there are more to face
every time you think your troubles are solve they just keep pilling
every wound recovered comes two more

its hard living up with the past when you cant turn back time
i'd give anything to fix everything that ended up gone...turning the hands of time

everyone wish they can just turn back time ryte...well mine isnt for getting A in exams or what
i just wanna fix whats everyone can live on..without scars

just this once i pray that i can take back all i did i pray

i am sorry...

Friday, February 8, 2008

just joined

first i know i know i said dota sucks...take it back

chocolate addiction, sweet addictions are common but get dota addiction..goodluck then

ahhaa..i played with the computer (normal)

i got dominating , killing spree , and FIRST

ahaha nvm yesterday i went to wtch cj7...nearly cried at one particular part

i know but cant control was sad k

anyway played pool with my cousins...mwahahah i own them

okay okay not until so dramatic la. they went home already anyway

thing is i got my room back and the sad part is


lol guess self learning is in now

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

haihz during chinese new year we have or suppose o have luck

well not getting much of those lucks now...and really need lots of gods help now

things dont turn out as they should...why

everytime i do something i take one step. something bad blows up in my face
haihz....its like everything i cared about...EVERYTHING is gone

even if everything is only one thing..well you wont get it anyways

so yea thats about whatever my life is all about..rejections and failures

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

haha today was fun when pn cheng potong steam...i was half way listening to dangs ipod when suddenly

"joshua dont need to act. get back to class"

with the big

haihz then she lecture us

lol then this stupid fellow...XIANN go tie a STUPID knot to my STUPID shoee and it took me damn long STUPID minutes to get it out...STUPID IDEA

hahah and football was fun..till it happen

not sick or anything..but it happened..i trip over the ball when i was about to kick it

XD it hurt k....its not funny. SILENCE i kill you!!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

today was so fun in scouts

learnt about scouts history and learnt that...sir colin is scary

hahah you should see him just now

today no tennis cause it was raining...haihz

and after tuition i went out with teacher mick ying ying and my bro

hahah so full after eating the sandwiches. trust me it was big

haha so that was my day today

Friday, February 1, 2008

first time moral actualy seemed fun.. there is this new teacher

if belianers read these you should know that mr Kevin isnt gay

we were asking him about whats with him wearing skinny jeans. and he said " its hot" me we are going to love studying moral now.

one of his sick jokes was "whats the similarity with a rubic cube and a males penis" [the more you play with it the harder it gets]

ahha mr tysern and mr guys had too much time thinking about these jokes

and fyi..."love" those skinny jeans mr kevin