Monday, February 11, 2008

lol today got a new dog...A POODLE

wait it isnt those poodle that got shaved. trust me i will never get those poodles
this one is so adorableeee..i called him bumper

lol cause when i brought first him into the house,he started bumping around. first against the shelve. then he bumped into the bottle and the table

the worst bump was when i was lying down on the floor and my bro was running with the dog and guess what ??

WHAM the dog hit my forehead. that guy must have rolled over but it stood up and continue running...loll so cute

haihz if i got my cardreader then can upload the pic

Bumper is kinda small. His fav place is under the chair. lol so small till actually can fit
well matches lil joel anyway..XD

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