Friday, February 15, 2008

yesterday was mr abel's last day

sobs gonna miss him a lot
and we got chocolate from him but batai had better

they had a party with good

well in CF he gave great words from god..haihz i was really touched by his words

he said we have to love those who cant be love or hard to be loved. Even if that guy is so irritating or what we must love him to be like god to call ourself christians
and he said we fight not cause of what we hate infront of us but what we care for behind us
he told us a story. a touching one

there is this outcast always gtting bullied. So form 5 prom came. as you know rejection sucks most ryte...well he got loads of them. its really sad and heartbreaking if you have been through that before. so he went up to a girl. that girl had a mental disable...who would go up to them truthfully ryte. we are humans and all the same but that guy didnt think that way. he went up to her and asked her to go to the prom with sweet ryte

this words will we remember you mr abel..anyway he lives behind my row so if you wanna go visiting i can take you to his house...ahahah

seriously even dang thinks it was so strong and deep the words he give...and daniel ong, now i know why you hate cupids...lolll

anyway today didnt go for a particular reason....

even Xiann didnt
so thats about it i guess. will blog more later on..hahax

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