Friday, February 22, 2008

haha today scouts is fun..just came back from scouts and now

brian came into our class and told us the test wasnt oral
the YUNG SERN suddenly "awwed"

haha you should see brian..when he walked towards yung sern i thought yung sern was going to get in trouble

then suddenly brian kneeled down and said "sorry boss sorry"

hahaha you should see yung serns face..he was terrified and now shocked

then we took the test..haha i was the first one to actually bite the xiann the worse

he must say " WHY SO YUMMY WAN". hahah

and brian insulted ashley..ahha he keep saying ashley always smile and stuffs like that

anyway we played this game where you put the bottle in the mid then when they call the numbers you have to rush to get the bottle if its your number. bugger julian fell like twice. haha his long legs are disadvantage..

anyway yesterday was kinda fun too...

walau he ride like 70 + . damn cool wei

then jian xiong broke my bag strap..hell him

haihz tuesday got audition for sofball. must try to get in for school team

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