Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow it's been long since I blogged about what happened. Well here are the pics from 17 January 2009....ESTHER'S BDAY!!... Well I know I know it's a long time and now only the pics are uploaded. I'm lazy okay sue me

Melvin and his pose

the birthday girl has arrived

and now she is crying ):


I feel short. Damn

How lovely. Everyone is greeting her

there she is. 15th birthday. Imagine her sweet 16 O.O

Siew Ho's margarita. Yes he was half drunk that day

Zoe's wide laughter

*ahem* bad boy alert

The two culprits that brought Esther late. But they did great. Thanks for the wonderful day

Well now lets talk about my chinese new year week. It's not that bad. Whole family crashed in my place. Imagine the space taken up to fill so many people. Haha


Everyone is getting ready for chinese new year. Food were great. Trust me! The curry was awesome. I went up 3 kg. That shows how much I love their food. Compared to my maid's cooking -.- anyways celebrated abit

We...............I forgot what we did. WAIT I REMEMBER! I won Rm51 from my aunt when my mum lost like Rm 50 plus plus. HAHAH
Had a day trip to genting. It was fun and boring at the same time. Hard to explain

We went for ice skating. Haha they kept pulling me down. Seriously. And for the first time I didn't get any blisters. No more fear of getting blisters anymore
Well thats about my whole plans for cny. My cousins went home this afternoon and I got back my room. Finally....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sorry today shall be an emo post. I don't know alright. I just dont feel like blogging but must update once in a while. School's fine I guess. Besides the fact that I'm sick and there are replacement which ruins my saturdays.

Haha I would give anything to get away from my life now. I mean it's way too scheduled. I need freedom I need some answers. I need to.........change.

I can't accept the fact okay? It's my fault for all this but then why? Why does every great things eventhough it's nothing to others end? It never goes the way I wish it would. I even prayed that it would go that way.

Guess it's stupid of me huh?

Guess so too

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You're 15 now I guess

Happy 15th birthday Liew Zu-En. Well I've got nothing much to say but to wish you so yea. Anyways talked to you a lot since last year and you always seemed to be right -.- But I shall give in for now. HAHA

Will pass your gift to you one way or another. Cause I heard the first day of school there is spotcheck and I am seriously not ready to get in trouble so early ):

Hope you enjoy your beloved day and your entire 2009. When 2010 comes I'll be saying the same thing so yea don't expect any better speech than this (: Anyways in another 2 years time you'd be the first to drive all your friends around. I book a seat in your fancy car first! Pester your parents to get you a BMW or a MERCEDES BENZ. If not then err whatever nice and comfortable car so I can enjoy the ride (:

P.s Owner of this picture I seriously hope you don't mind me stealing this picture. Am lazy to search for one (: You know me and my laziness

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Whole New Year

Fireworks were amazing. 1u's fireworks that is. Curve don't have I think. Well who cares. Spent my New Year at home. Sad ain't it. Was kinda lazy to take pictures of the fireworks cause in the end all you can see is a bright light compared to the real thing.

Just to forget everything that happened and start new. Isn't that great? Let's say you whacked someone's balls on new years eve on 11.59 and a minute later that guy have to forgive you cause it's a new year. LOL okay thats just lame

My post are getting shorter and wordier. I'm kinda lazy to blog nowadays cause seriously there is totally nothing happening this month. It's so....hmm dull ?

Ish I wonder what you guys do for fun?