Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow it's been long since I blogged about what happened. Well here are the pics from 17 January 2009....ESTHER'S BDAY!!... Well I know I know it's a long time and now only the pics are uploaded. I'm lazy okay sue me

Melvin and his pose

the birthday girl has arrived

and now she is crying ):


I feel short. Damn

How lovely. Everyone is greeting her

there she is. 15th birthday. Imagine her sweet 16 O.O

Siew Ho's margarita. Yes he was half drunk that day

Zoe's wide laughter

*ahem* bad boy alert

The two culprits that brought Esther late. But they did great. Thanks for the wonderful day

Well now lets talk about my chinese new year week. It's not that bad. Whole family crashed in my place. Imagine the space taken up to fill so many people. Haha


Everyone is getting ready for chinese new year. Food were great. Trust me! The curry was awesome. I went up 3 kg. That shows how much I love their food. Compared to my maid's cooking -.- anyways celebrated abit

We...............I forgot what we did. WAIT I REMEMBER! I won Rm51 from my aunt when my mum lost like Rm 50 plus plus. HAHAH
Had a day trip to genting. It was fun and boring at the same time. Hard to explain

We went for ice skating. Haha they kept pulling me down. Seriously. And for the first time I didn't get any blisters. No more fear of getting blisters anymore
Well thats about my whole plans for cny. My cousins went home this afternoon and I got back my room. Finally....

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