Saturday, January 3, 2009

You're 15 now I guess

Happy 15th birthday Liew Zu-En. Well I've got nothing much to say but to wish you so yea. Anyways talked to you a lot since last year and you always seemed to be right -.- But I shall give in for now. HAHA

Will pass your gift to you one way or another. Cause I heard the first day of school there is spotcheck and I am seriously not ready to get in trouble so early ):

Hope you enjoy your beloved day and your entire 2009. When 2010 comes I'll be saying the same thing so yea don't expect any better speech than this (: Anyways in another 2 years time you'd be the first to drive all your friends around. I book a seat in your fancy car first! Pester your parents to get you a BMW or a MERCEDES BENZ. If not then err whatever nice and comfortable car so I can enjoy the ride (:

P.s Owner of this picture I seriously hope you don't mind me stealing this picture. Am lazy to search for one (: You know me and my laziness

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