Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Whole New Year

Fireworks were amazing. 1u's fireworks that is. Curve don't have I think. Well who cares. Spent my New Year at home. Sad ain't it. Was kinda lazy to take pictures of the fireworks cause in the end all you can see is a bright light compared to the real thing.

Just to forget everything that happened and start new. Isn't that great? Let's say you whacked someone's balls on new years eve on 11.59 and a minute later that guy have to forgive you cause it's a new year. LOL okay thats just lame

My post are getting shorter and wordier. I'm kinda lazy to blog nowadays cause seriously there is totally nothing happening this month. It's so....hmm dull ?

Ish I wonder what you guys do for fun?

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