Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got my class already. And I can say it's not too bad but I seriously don't get how they stream. I have friends who went down all the way and it's not good. Haha

Well I've gotten my exercise books and I think I'm ready for school but before that will have last minute parties and outings. Hahah anyways Siew Ho, Sabreena and Weng Wai came over just now after checking the classes and everything

My goodness they messed up my room but in the end cleaned PART of it. Hahah at least they did it. Blasted the music extremely loud and after all the noise I found out my dad was home quite some time ago. I was freaking scared

Oh well he didn't say anything about it so yea don't have to worry. HAHA

Siew Ho, you pro okay in baseball. I already bowed down to you so not need to show off anymore (:

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