Saturday, December 20, 2008

An update

Hahah I've been pretty busy this whole week. Work, Work, Work. I think I sound like a workaholic whenever they ask what am I doing tomorrow and I reply I'm working.

Anyways Christmas is coming. It's so grand that every shopping malls you usually go to are decorated for Christmas

But unfortunately I don't know why but I feel different this year. I mean I actually want to do something that uses my brains. Hahah! Yea standing in the shop the whole day doing nothing doesn't really use much brains. Urgh

Blah who cares. I just found out that when I was a kid I used to LOVE as in really LOVE to watch Mr Bean. I dunno why. There was this time when I was younger, I went shopping with my mum. Then I insisted I go see the toy cars collection while she shop. Then there was this stranger who saw me holding the Mini Cooper. Exactly like Mr Bean's car. Haha he saw that I was so interested in that particular car that he suddenly bought that car for me and just walked away.

Now thats what I called Kind hearted. May He be safe always :)

When I start to reminisc, I missed those days when we can just be ourself without caring about anything. Hmmm that's why Imiss being a kid sometimes. Haha

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