Monday, September 29, 2008

How long?

It's been a while since I've blogged about what I feel

Haihz is it that hard to keep someone rather than to lose someone ? I know it may sound emo but what the crap is wrong with me...I feel like I'm losing her every second now yet I have no confidence that i gain her any closer

I guess it's just me...I can get pretty annoying everytime..I realized long time ago
But does that mean I don't have a good intention or a good heart?

Anyways it's hard to change...very
I keep saying to myself that I want to do good but have I done any good at all. What's the point of life if I can't see what does life really mean. Not just study, play, have fun with your girlfriend....but what does it really mean?

Having to lose someone....lazying around....not studying....It's just empty or rather making the hole bigger
Everything is empty!!!

I dont know whats the main topic I am trying to get at but it seems that everything pulls me down. When I think of studies, friends....even thinking of her makes me wonder. How long will it last ?

I won't make it a point that liking a girl means everything but what if you feel that way...just a random thought

well that's about what I have to say

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The One Thing That Annoys Me MOST!!!

Crap exams is broke down and can't get a new one till november
And guess what? My parents keep nagging me to study...

I mean haven't I done enough previously and yet they go " If you fail me this time..blah blah blah "
Whatever man!!

Oh sorry El for going to miss your party. At least i got you something or rather made you something...hehe

Well holidays are here and I guess I'll be spending the first two days studying then I am off to redang!! xD

nothing else to blog about...*stone*

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hairstyle of today

Everyone has their own hairstyle. I seriously dunno why am I blogging about this
Well thats because I cut my hair, Xiann cut his hair, Yu Kane cut his hair....and we all look random I guess

You know those guys with the long fringe ? Yea wonder whats it like when you walk around and you can barely see whats in front of you with your fringe covering your eyes.

Or even those bald peoples who are able to feel the wind passing through their scalp.....LOL its kinda cool actually. Keeps you cool always.

Anyways lets not talk about hair

Well Datin kinda canceled cf for this week so yea I guess it's a dread but yea. Don't know what to do tomorrow. Lol OH YEAA tomorrow is SKTM's lantern festival so I guess I wanna go but not sure if able to.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our parting ways

Shall I say i was a bit mad today...okay very but it wasn't my fault

I BLAME YOU XIANN AND YUKANE...xD but nvm forgive you two. Haihz I dunno maybe I am just having a hard time

Sorry k.

ANYWAYS tomorrow school is gonna be fun!! 3 hours of school only....can you believe that?!?!
Well nowadays its rainy season. Best time to sleep. SOOOOO COLDDD. Was freezing in class today while I was trying to sleep...end up I had a pretty good rest.

I can't wait to go back to redang....there it's so relaxing. Listening to the waves just sitting on the beach. This is the hotel we stayed in last trip

This is actually the bar..xD

YEA MAN SCUBA DIVING...(ps not me...picture was found from net)


Monday, September 1, 2008

Holidays are a dread if there aint no outings

Ish is there anything to do around here ? I mean seriously anything. I would cycle around but it is raining. I would go to the park....but it is raining again. I wanna play badminton but there ain't an outing for it.

Just heard my dad came down and told me he was doing speed reading. Lol that proves that adults too sometimes need practise. I am sooo lazy to read books now..its like everytime I see an interesting book i read but after I'm done, I don't have the feel to read anymore

Like the previous book...I was reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Interesting for me though...xD

Rather read till I die than study for a day.

damn lightning...well gtg