Monday, September 29, 2008

How long?

It's been a while since I've blogged about what I feel

Haihz is it that hard to keep someone rather than to lose someone ? I know it may sound emo but what the crap is wrong with me...I feel like I'm losing her every second now yet I have no confidence that i gain her any closer

I guess it's just me...I can get pretty annoying everytime..I realized long time ago
But does that mean I don't have a good intention or a good heart?

Anyways it's hard to change...very
I keep saying to myself that I want to do good but have I done any good at all. What's the point of life if I can't see what does life really mean. Not just study, play, have fun with your girlfriend....but what does it really mean?

Having to lose someone....lazying around....not studying....It's just empty or rather making the hole bigger
Everything is empty!!!

I dont know whats the main topic I am trying to get at but it seems that everything pulls me down. When I think of studies, friends....even thinking of her makes me wonder. How long will it last ?

I won't make it a point that liking a girl means everything but what if you feel that way...just a random thought

well that's about what I have to say

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