Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Opportunity WASTED!!

Finally back from Redang. Not to say I hate it there but I was FREAKING a cold and a cough so didn't get the chance to go diving.

Basically the whole trip i spent my day looking for my pills and a glass of water which the water there has a very awkward taste. Really really awkward. So I spent my day strolling under the extremely hot sun trying to "get tanner" while I watch some people getting their suits on and heading for the sea...HAIHZ

Oh and by the way HAPPY BELATED ALLAN-AH...

Right now I bet she is still hosting her birthday party. Lol I remember before hols she was stressing to find things to do on her birthday. Haha hope that party go well

I didn't really take alot of pictures when I was in Redang. Even so I am lazy to put them on blog now...After 6 hours drive from K.T

Haha the thing I miss most is sitting on that bumpy boat...really umm relazing


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