Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TAGGED by ZUEN..i havent been doing tags for a very long time nvm.

1. Zuen
2. Yu kane
3. Xiann
4. Elena
5. Ashley

1. How did you meet [1]
Through school i guess

2. On a scale of of 1-1o how would you rate your friendship with [1]
i dunno...if there is 11 then i would put12. lol

3. How long have you known [4]
about 5 months

4. How do you know number [3]
well i sit next to him in class ever since the first day of school

5. Where's [5]
At home..well thats what i think

6. A fact about number [1]
a really great friend

7. Who is [4] going out with
I dunno..she wont tell me

8. What does [1] do for a living
haha she is form 2

9. Would you live with number [3]
erm i dunno..he slept over in my house before so yea

10. What do you like about number [2]
funny and fun dude

11. Do you miss number [5]
erm i just saw her today

12. Would you make out with number [4]
like zuen said. what kind of question is this

13. What's your opinion of number [2]
like i said a funny dude

14. What's your favourite memory with number [5]
when she got a few marks higher than me in some subject and i asked her not to smile..end up she gave me the widest grin

15. what if number [1] and number [2] were going out
wow...i mean wow

16. Ever had a long conversation with [5]
not that sure..dont think it was counted as long nor short..just normal

17. Have you ever slept at [2]'s house

18. Do you hang out with [3] a lot
five days a week...haha sitting next to him can be a bad thing sometimes especially when you need some me he wont let you sleep

19. Who have you known the longest
Yu Kane

20. How often do you talk to [5]
almost everyday

21. What about [2]
same almost everyday

22. Have you ever thought [3] more then a friend
best friend ?

23. Would you go out for a date with [5]
somehow i have dejavu about someone who thinks we are going out..noo

24. Do you dream about [2]
nope..dont think so..i hope not

25. What did number [4] did to you that you'll never forget
something i shall not say...xD

26. What have you done for [1] that the person never forget
hmm i aint sure..calling her fat..xD

27. What's [5] hobby
now this is something i am sure... SMILING

28. Tag 5 people

1. Yu Kane
2. Elena
3. Ashley
4. Weng Wai..something for you to update
5. Whoever who reads this

*List out 5 presents you wish for:
1. GUITARS and amplifiers
2. a bigger room and design all to what i want
3. something you shouldnt know but only i would
4. handphone
5. my own computer

*Your first 5 impressions of her
1. great friend when you need company
2. funny
3. ahem ahem hawt..ahem ahem..xDD
4. easy to talk to
5. just everything that fun is

*The most memorable thing they have done/given to you:
always be there when i need someone

*If he/she becomes your lover, you two will:
date each other..hmm go out with her and take her on a good date..etc etc...haha if the IF happens slowly wait

*If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be because:
that will never happen..i hope
everyone has a second chance..i had a lil chat with someone about it

lol anyways there isnt anything happening. Well ofcourse nothing fun that is

oh yea bacaan was the 30 minutes of hell man.
I went into class

saw pn wong in class so was kinda scared i was caught for my hair
didnt think of getting a sit but fixing my hair
sat ryte in front of the teachers table.... SHYTE

then pn wong handed me a mathematics pass year question...what was i to do but look at the paper
...actually i did the questions

WHO CAN BLAME wong was in front of me

okay okay enough about that...the rest of the 30 minutes of bacaan was kinda fun

during pjpk that cik cho POTONG STEM
we were playing football then suddenly...she came straight into our game and stopped everything
yes i hate her too

i got a freaking blister...well thats for playing without shoes on cement floor

hmm..i've been thinking about the second chance thing
what if you done something bad in the past but you have change?
what if you played girls feelings before but now you take this girl seriously?
what if you were a jerk last time but now you arent that person anymore?

how are we gonna say that we have are we gonna show that we have changed

sometimes things arent that simple as we thought it would be

yes it harder













but who cares..challenge always comes in be ready

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sports day is over. uggul lost in marching

haihz there goes all the hard work we put into
running also i lost alot of events

but 4x400 cancel

my ass and legs hurts. After running i am exhausted
lol nothing much to talk about actually

its just a regular sports day event which has sports in it
i got gold for being reserve in leh

haha i know i know its like getting free buffet invitation
xD anyway we will do better next year


Sunday, April 20, 2008

whats wrong with me....easily get exhausted these few days

haha i need the strength for tomorrow...ahhh cant wait. Sportsday is near. Exams are nearer..what to do

haha study study. yes i know i sleep in class alot. What can i say...when the projectors are on its like singing a lullaby for me

whats wrong with science whats wrong with school. its like everything is different...some idiots wanna take away those good fair

i wonder what should we do with nalini...she is no fun at all
what the heck
hahah i feel like calling her upstairs then...waterbaloon fight


haha i know i know...but think of the fun it would be

Friday, April 18, 2008

ahh good things never last. there goes four great teachers from our school

mr chuah chong xian-great teacher and a good sense of taste
mr yap tysern-another great teacher with great sense of humuor
mr kevin chan something something-good and best moral teacher..and sivik...xD
and ofcourse mr patrick...will always remember them

KEEP IN TOUCH..every few months we go out once...nak ?
will miss you all

dont worry not gonna cry..i hope not. xD

anyway havent been blogging for few days already. since i went to camp i have become what i always wanted to be....TAN...joshua tan is tan

wah yesterday i slept at 1 and woke up at 12
thanks to the band practise we had

and our band is failing..whats wrong with us
eshh we can do it. just dont go arkarkarya..its expensive k

and hw hw me i am far from what you call hw free. i got maths geo sej to catch up in
owh cracknuts who cares..

life is great if you know how to live it. dont always depend on whats always there cause it aint gonna be there always. live to the max with humuor and fun at times. make each other happy and proud. be there for each other.....(iseriouslydunnowhereigotthatfrom)

well follow the principle and everything willl change..just you watch

Friday, April 4, 2008

haih yesterday was mr kevin's last day of teaching
i wonder hows it like to leave just like that. Stupid school wont let this good teachers stay

i played the guitar for him..will remember that. XD
and we had some great time listening to music dancing chatting all in the computer lab

anyway wen xia plays

haha its actually quite a nice and peaceful day yesterday..but today was quite fun too

went to mcD met up with the patrols..xD skills camp is just a week closer
so excited. what to do?

you would feel the same way too