Wednesday, April 30, 2008

everyone has a second chance..i had a lil chat with someone about it

lol anyways there isnt anything happening. Well ofcourse nothing fun that is

oh yea bacaan was the 30 minutes of hell man.
I went into class

saw pn wong in class so was kinda scared i was caught for my hair
didnt think of getting a sit but fixing my hair
sat ryte in front of the teachers table.... SHYTE

then pn wong handed me a mathematics pass year question...what was i to do but look at the paper
...actually i did the questions

WHO CAN BLAME wong was in front of me

okay okay enough about that...the rest of the 30 minutes of bacaan was kinda fun

during pjpk that cik cho POTONG STEM
we were playing football then suddenly...she came straight into our game and stopped everything
yes i hate her too

i got a freaking blister...well thats for playing without shoes on cement floor

hmm..i've been thinking about the second chance thing
what if you done something bad in the past but you have change?
what if you played girls feelings before but now you take this girl seriously?
what if you were a jerk last time but now you arent that person anymore?

how are we gonna say that we have are we gonna show that we have changed

sometimes things arent that simple as we thought it would be

yes it harder













but who cares..challenge always comes in be ready

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