Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TAGGED by ZUEN..i havent been doing tags for a very long time nvm.

1. Zuen
2. Yu kane
3. Xiann
4. Elena
5. Ashley

1. How did you meet [1]
Through school i guess

2. On a scale of of 1-1o how would you rate your friendship with [1]
i dunno...if there is 11 then i would put12. lol

3. How long have you known [4]
about 5 months

4. How do you know number [3]
well i sit next to him in class ever since the first day of school

5. Where's [5]
At home..well thats what i think

6. A fact about number [1]
a really great friend

7. Who is [4] going out with
I dunno..she wont tell me

8. What does [1] do for a living
haha she is form 2

9. Would you live with number [3]
erm i dunno..he slept over in my house before so yea

10. What do you like about number [2]
funny and fun dude

11. Do you miss number [5]
erm i just saw her today

12. Would you make out with number [4]
like zuen said. what kind of question is this

13. What's your opinion of number [2]
like i said a funny dude

14. What's your favourite memory with number [5]
when she got a few marks higher than me in some subject and i asked her not to smile..end up she gave me the widest grin

15. what if number [1] and number [2] were going out
wow...i mean wow

16. Ever had a long conversation with [5]
not that sure..dont think it was counted as long nor short..just normal

17. Have you ever slept at [2]'s house

18. Do you hang out with [3] a lot
five days a week...haha sitting next to him can be a bad thing sometimes especially when you need some me he wont let you sleep

19. Who have you known the longest
Yu Kane

20. How often do you talk to [5]
almost everyday

21. What about [2]
same almost everyday

22. Have you ever thought [3] more then a friend
best friend ?

23. Would you go out for a date with [5]
somehow i have dejavu about someone who thinks we are going out..noo

24. Do you dream about [2]
nope..dont think so..i hope not

25. What did number [4] did to you that you'll never forget
something i shall not say...xD

26. What have you done for [1] that the person never forget
hmm i aint sure..calling her fat..xD

27. What's [5] hobby
now this is something i am sure... SMILING

28. Tag 5 people

1. Yu Kane
2. Elena
3. Ashley
4. Weng Wai..something for you to update
5. Whoever who reads this

*List out 5 presents you wish for:
1. GUITARS and amplifiers
2. a bigger room and design all to what i want
3. something you shouldnt know but only i would
4. handphone
5. my own computer

*Your first 5 impressions of her
1. great friend when you need company
2. funny
3. ahem ahem hawt..ahem ahem..xDD
4. easy to talk to
5. just everything that fun is

*The most memorable thing they have done/given to you:
always be there when i need someone

*If he/she becomes your lover, you two will:
date each other..hmm go out with her and take her on a good date..etc etc...haha if the IF happens slowly wait

*If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be because:
that will never happen..i hope

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