Friday, April 18, 2008

ahh good things never last. there goes four great teachers from our school

mr chuah chong xian-great teacher and a good sense of taste
mr yap tysern-another great teacher with great sense of humuor
mr kevin chan something something-good and best moral teacher..and sivik...xD
and ofcourse mr patrick...will always remember them

KEEP IN TOUCH..every few months we go out once...nak ?
will miss you all

dont worry not gonna cry..i hope not. xD

anyway havent been blogging for few days already. since i went to camp i have become what i always wanted to be....TAN...joshua tan is tan

wah yesterday i slept at 1 and woke up at 12
thanks to the band practise we had

and our band is failing..whats wrong with us
eshh we can do it. just dont go arkarkarya..its expensive k

and hw hw me i am far from what you call hw free. i got maths geo sej to catch up in
owh cracknuts who cares..

life is great if you know how to live it. dont always depend on whats always there cause it aint gonna be there always. live to the max with humuor and fun at times. make each other happy and proud. be there for each other.....(iseriouslydunnowhereigotthatfrom)

well follow the principle and everything willl change..just you watch

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