Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I got my class already. And I can say it's not too bad but I seriously don't get how they stream. I have friends who went down all the way and it's not good. Haha

Well I've gotten my exercise books and I think I'm ready for school but before that will have last minute parties and outings. Hahah anyways Siew Ho, Sabreena and Weng Wai came over just now after checking the classes and everything

My goodness they messed up my room but in the end cleaned PART of it. Hahah at least they did it. Blasted the music extremely loud and after all the noise I found out my dad was home quite some time ago. I was freaking scared

Oh well he didn't say anything about it so yea don't have to worry. HAHA

Siew Ho, you pro okay in baseball. I already bowed down to you so not need to show off anymore (:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas is officially over!

Haih Christmas is no more anymore. Haha at least we got our presents. Or at least getting. HAHA

At some point I can't wait for school to start. Haha to start over. To actually have to do something rather than rot at home. Unless...........we go out often. That changes everything. But we can't always go out right ?

I guess I don't know what excites me anymore. Seriously nothing is exciting as it used to be. Haha

I'm missing something. There isn't anything exciting anymore. I just have that shitty feeling.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day of everything I've been through

I've finally had my last day of work and I'm pretty glad I went through all those. Took my mind of many things eventhough I complained alot. Haha but still I made money. What have YOU been doing instead?

Muahah I won't know when I'll get my pay but it will be surprising. It's either surprisingly lot or surprisingly little. HAHA okay okay SO anyways today, the 24th of december 2008, Wednesday is Christmas Eve. Wait actually I don't feel excited as I used to be. Well who cares

I feel different. As in really different. My likings. My behaviour. My needs. All different I guess. I dunno what I want or like or am. Haha guess will find out soon enough. (:

I pity you Dang. Seriously working there now after last night. Oh well you got Aung Thein Twe there to teman you. He is from Myanmar and HE ROCKS MAN!

Don't believe? Ask around

Saturday, December 20, 2008

An update

Hahah I've been pretty busy this whole week. Work, Work, Work. I think I sound like a workaholic whenever they ask what am I doing tomorrow and I reply I'm working.

Anyways Christmas is coming. It's so grand that every shopping malls you usually go to are decorated for Christmas

But unfortunately I don't know why but I feel different this year. I mean I actually want to do something that uses my brains. Hahah! Yea standing in the shop the whole day doing nothing doesn't really use much brains. Urgh

Blah who cares. I just found out that when I was a kid I used to LOVE as in really LOVE to watch Mr Bean. I dunno why. There was this time when I was younger, I went shopping with my mum. Then I insisted I go see the toy cars collection while she shop. Then there was this stranger who saw me holding the Mini Cooper. Exactly like Mr Bean's car. Haha he saw that I was so interested in that particular car that he suddenly bought that car for me and just walked away.

Now thats what I called Kind hearted. May He be safe always :)

When I start to reminisc, I missed those days when we can just be ourself without caring about anything. Hmmm that's why Imiss being a kid sometimes. Haha

Sunday, December 14, 2008


At last, this stupid computer didn't shut down by its self. This is the fourth attempt to blog and it finally worked. Ahh anyways got a new comp so this one can use for other usage. Whatever lah anywas these are the pictures I took in Thailand. There are more but I don't think can play in this comp. I'll put in more when I finish downloading in the new comp.

Work of a single human hands.

It is actually legal to sell there. Wow

I love to see them draw. This are drawings not photographs k. Ofcourse its a photograph of a drawing

I see the elephant dung.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm off very soon. In another few hours time I have to wake up. 5am is how early I have to get ready. Haha gonna spend my time in the luxurious hotel my mum paid for after a longgggg day of work. And guess what? Whenever I go for break they minus that hour. SOBS!

Brb have to go recalculate my salary. Lol ah I give up.

Anyways I wonder how's it like in Thailand with all the war in that country. I mean people are having riots and this one is bad. It's against their own goverment. Oh well I'll probably get stuck there