Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last day of everything I've been through

I've finally had my last day of work and I'm pretty glad I went through all those. Took my mind of many things eventhough I complained alot. Haha but still I made money. What have YOU been doing instead?

Muahah I won't know when I'll get my pay but it will be surprising. It's either surprisingly lot or surprisingly little. HAHA okay okay SO anyways today, the 24th of december 2008, Wednesday is Christmas Eve. Wait actually I don't feel excited as I used to be. Well who cares

I feel different. As in really different. My likings. My behaviour. My needs. All different I guess. I dunno what I want or like or am. Haha guess will find out soon enough. (:

I pity you Dang. Seriously working there now after last night. Oh well you got Aung Thein Twe there to teman you. He is from Myanmar and HE ROCKS MAN!

Don't believe? Ask around

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