Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Malleable hearts!!

Today wasn't all that boring but it was pretty lifeless though

Haha thought Xiann wouldn't come to school cause he said so but end up he came. So we went to class as usual and guess what we found? WIRES...

So we slowly distributed among himself, Zhuo Ming, Ashley( with the help of Ed-Lynn ) and myself...ahah and we took two periods shaping them into metal hearts. HAHAHA

It was kinda painful cause shaping them without pliers are difficult. It was funny how we used only scissors and ofcourse MY FILE. I checked. Loads of scratches thanks to you three!

I mean using it to press on the wire is not a problem but banging it?!?!
Lol anyways conclusion we had fun making our "malleable hearts"...Xiann calls them.

Anyways now its exactly 12.36am. Suppose to study but i end up here on the comp. Haihz am pretty lazy to study anyways.

Oh yea Happy Belated Birthday DANG...Hadn't had the time to blog so yea now's the chance
I remember when I first met him I kept calling him Ian. Now its Dang....hahah flexible name
Oh yea you stank man!!! Having eggs all over you. HAHA no offence

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