Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hairstyle of today

Everyone has their own hairstyle. I seriously dunno why am I blogging about this
Well thats because I cut my hair, Xiann cut his hair, Yu Kane cut his hair....and we all look random I guess

You know those guys with the long fringe ? Yea wonder whats it like when you walk around and you can barely see whats in front of you with your fringe covering your eyes.

Or even those bald peoples who are able to feel the wind passing through their scalp.....LOL its kinda cool actually. Keeps you cool always.

Anyways lets not talk about hair

Well Datin kinda canceled cf for this week so yea I guess it's a dread but yea. Don't know what to do tomorrow. Lol OH YEAA tomorrow is SKTM's lantern festival so I guess I wanna go but not sure if able to.

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