Sunday, April 5, 2009


Damn I hate it when it strikes. I was sleeping and it happened. MY PHONE LINE was strucked by lightning. It has been quite sometime since I haven't gone online cause of the phone line. It's still not fixed so I got fedup of waiting and used my dad's maxis USB.

It sucks. Yes I'm aware of how slow the connection is. Waited few minutes just to get into one site and end up Internet Explorer can't display blahblahblah. It took few tries to sign in to msn too. And it writes "High Speed Internet Acess" on the USB. Have they ever tried using their creations? No guess not.

I'm stuck at home with piles of homework to do. I've not started any of them yet (:

What's new? Hmmm seems like forever since I used the comp. Gosh there is so many things screwed up in DJ.

Trust me I regret dragging/being dragged by friends to DJ. Why couldn't we all have gone to a better school ): Our field is screwed up cause of the new classes Datin wanna build. And for that 3 storey building nonsense, I don't know how is she gonna fix all that too. Pfft wasting our money they asked us to donate. Build airconds for us bitc# :D

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