Sunday, April 26, 2009

So lil time

There are so many things to do. Hws, studies....what have I been doing all these time. There is absolutely no time for relaxing nor fun. PMR PMR PMR is all my tuition teacher talks about -.-

Anyway had a pretty good time with friends just now. At least it took my mind off school and stuffs. Mall cop was funny. Sarah wanted "Coming Soon". She's a freak for horror movies. Ate at Zanmai. Bill was about RM160 plus plus. The taxes are super freaking high!

Haha first outing was at nandos which costed us about like RM 80 plus plus. That was an experience I can never forget. Stupid waiter told us mineral water was free. Ordered like so many and yea they charged us. LOL paid 20 plus for the water alone.

Now I'll have to use what's left of my time to do my work. Lol pictures are with Ele so will post them as soon as she sends them to me.

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