Friday, May 8, 2009

Exams again ):

WAH exams are here again. Haha damn!

I really should start studying(yea right). Don't wanna get 56 for Bm and 66 for Kh again. Lol

Parks are not safe anymore O.O I saw Pn Lim there yesterday evening. And on the same day I got in trouble for playing with fire in Science Lab. Before I could turn away to cycle of, Pn Lim was smiling at me. Haihh

Anyway I didn't know Delon would have the guts to actually pick a fight with Wan Jyn. It all started when Jyn was collecting books. Then Delon threw the book at his head and Jyn threw it outside the class so bla bla. End up Delon pushed Jyn down and Yu Kane being the hero, stepped in. Wan Jyn started shouting at Delon. AND GUESS WHAT DELON SAID AFTER THE FIGHT WAS OVER?!

" If Yu Kane wasn't that strong Wan Jyn die already "

Lol whatever lah. It was a fun day anyway.

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