Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tag I'm it

Siew Ho tagged me.... Since I've got nothing to update about then I shall do this tag

Pass the quiz to 10 ppl that you wish to know how they feel about you

1. Siew Ho
2. Sabreena
3. Iman
4. Weng Wai
5. Kane
6. Ed-Lynn
7. Ele
8. Aly
9. Ashley
10. Dang

1. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
- (Siew ho) A long time friend, Lame, Sometimes funny, Sometimes annoying with his freaking drawings, Muten Roshi. LOL and etc etc.

2. who is no.7 having relationship with?
- (Ele) I'm not sure. Ask her (:

3. who is no.9 having relationship with?
- (Ashley) Haha I know with who but I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a secret. Ask me personally and I'll let you know.

4. If no.9 & 1 are together,will it be a good thing?
- (Siew ho and Ashley) No seriously.

5. What about no.1 & 5?
- (Siew ho and Kane) Maybe.

6. What is no.3 studying?
- (Iman) Same as what I'm studying except Moral.

7. When was the last time you chatted with no.6?
- (Ed-Lynn) Almost an hour ago.

8. Does no.8 have any cousin(s) in his/her school?
- (Aly) Yea. Lol Elena.

9. Will you woo no.8?
- (Aly) Obviously no right.

10. How about no.4?
- (Weng Wai) LAGI NO.

11.Does no.2 have any siblings?
- (Sabreena) Yea but I can't remember how many brothers. I think two brothers.

12. How did you get to know about no.3?
- (Iman) I think it was Std 4 or 5.

13. No. 4?
- (Weng Wai) Std 6 but only started talking to him in Form 1.

14. No. 7?
- (Ele) Last year.

15. No. 2?
- (Sabreena) Since Std 4.

16. Where does no. 1 live at?
- (Siew ho) Damansara Jaya. Seriously can't remember the way to his house cause the rows of houses looks so alike.

17. How did you get to know no. 10?
- (Dang) Through someone. I think it was through Krystin.

18. Is no. 5 the sexiest person in the world?
- (Kane) No. Lol no offence.

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