Thursday, December 20, 2007

hmm today seems boring cause i couldnt get to go out with krystin. Well dissapointments in life such as these. Haihz stayed least i got something that i love( food and sleep)...XD

hmm i remember when i was bored i used to play hide and seek with my friends
created some silly games like the FEAR were we cute running around trying unfearful stuff

and we played those ice and fire where you run till your pants drop not letting the catcher touch you. wow miss those times and in another 37 more days i am turning 14

ahhh "can see freshmans and bully them" weng wai says...XD i agree
it seems so fast. First we were sitting in class getting to know each other and now we are going out turning 14 soon. Krystin, come to our first day of school k!!!

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