Saturday, December 15, 2007

tagged by wen qi

seven things to be done before my death:
1. get a good location to bury my dead body
2.enjoy like crazy my special person..XD
4.go visit the world like mad
7.write goodbye notes for myself

seven things i will NOT do even if it kills me:
2.take drugs
3.kill.. literally
4.betray people i care about
5.not sms
6.not sleep
7.if i can remember i will post it out

seven things I do when I'm away from the public:
1. jump around
2. scold myself
3. make crazy faces..which i so dont do
4. dance
5. bathe
6. talk to myself
7. XD.. cant tell

seven fav sentences/quotes:
1.yea i know
2.anything decide
3.oh shit my mum is scolding
4.i am so damn bored
6.crap la i did something wrong
7.later la now lazy

seven favourite songs from all time:
1. elvis - cant help falling in love with you
2. fall out boys - the takes over the breaks over
3.pearl jam - last kiss
4.hillsong - this is my desire
6.lazy to type
7. lazy to think

Seven things I'll make you wish you didn't do if you did:
1. you lied to me
2. you betrayed me
3. you tagged seriously...its mah fan
4. you took my food away when i aint finished
5. you feed me
6. you insulted me
7. you killed me

seven people to tag:
1.whoever who read this (x7)..XD

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