Monday, December 31, 2007

siew ho came over to my house and weng wai. we walked to 1u..before that siew ho..your nike air shoe too light till can fall is it
then we walked and walked then we went to meet the "PERSON". Went to eat mcD.....WALAU GG LIKE CRAP WEIII...busteddd bells start ringing
Then the movie started...rush there like crap k. Lose some pounds though...ahhah. The second "SOMEONE" was damn lateeeeee. I was the only fool waiting for the lagi worse fools in the cinema. Damn kau angry...and siew ho i know you arent dissapointed in me...XD

Went to the upperroof....bugger i insisted on using the lift but they pandai pandai use stairs. Make me run only man.

Then we walked around. And around. And around till finally we decided to go home...said our goodbyes and ciaoed
Siew ho had some trouble in my house..sorry i couldnt help
Then we went to one U again...walau i scolded siew ho like crap only...make me walk there only

THE FIREWORKS...haha julian i kesian youi like crap. Cant see any lightings in subang..should have come my house lehhh....wakakka
all he can hear is us describing the fireworks...nvm we got the video if you want but must pay

then we talked till Lee Ann four people in history
then julian hantam-ed us both.....dont worry we will revenge you one day juliannnn. Ps siew ho: "i dint say i will revenge...okay maybe i will"

Talked crap until sleplt at 3am......siew ho's sms damn noisy..keep vibrating
haihz i pening man. Next thing in the morning the blanket was gone from me. Siew ho stole it.....
walau damn tiredd...

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