Friday, January 4, 2008

school started. WOOT WOOT. belian isnt that bad leh

thought it would be bad but the worst part of all is CANTEEN. walau pasar malam also not as bad as in school. Cant even get a drink in less than 5 minutes and recess seems over. haihz form 2 is "great". then have to go to the hall.

sit down listen to teacher. Pn wong's speech was like 1 hour plus man. she left us 40 minutes till school over. Haihz sit until as pain. then today was three teachers and yet cant beat her record.

well at least i got some entertainments in belian. If not can only hear the wind passing through. XD BELIAN, BE MORE FUN PLEASEEE

before that this orning my mum woke me up at 8 something. then she woke me up at 9 something saying have to pick my bro up. had to rush like crap to get ready. then end up i went to school late at about 12.30 something. siew ho waited for me....hhhahah

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