Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wahhh yesterday was sooo was so cool in class and after school.XD

in class we had mr yap tysern to come to our class. As you know he and mr chuah are joke machines just that mr chuah's joke is funny and mr tysern is sick and funny..

Sample jokes from him:

-What you get when you put a bomb in a guy's underwear? [banana split]

-What you get when you put a bomb in a girl's bra ? [tit bits]

-why are guys heavier than girls?
[cause every morning they wake up guys have a glass of milk shake and two papayas but girls only get one banana, two peanuts and a teaspoon of mayonese]

-why do guys fart louder than girls? [cause guys got a microphone and two speakers]

-one day an old guy was having a pic of his gf in the bus. He was staring at the pic admiring her looks and all. Then suddenly the bus had an emergency brake so his pic fell under a girl's skirt. He didnt know what to do so he went to do what everyone would do. But his english sucked so this was what he said "excuse me miss can you lift up your skirt so that i can take photo?"..

lol there are more but lazy to tell..hahah so lets go on to the ghost busters part..

yukane's group was damn funy during the lasst period. You have to be in belian to know what happened.

so after school julian and i went to esther's pool party. HAD SO MUCH FUN!! wait having arm cramp after loosing to iman in swimming 3 times. yea yea i suck in swimming k. Haihz the fun just never stops when we are all together...XD

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