Sunday, January 27, 2008

1u rockssss....we went out for me bday party..sorta like a party actually

i went there and i saw xiann standing there. so i "picked" him up and went to my mum.
then we walked and waited for the others

then here came sam and elena..haha they were shy fyi. Saw them hiding in speedy

then we went to buy gameplan and went to eat mcd...they used salt to write my name..akward

we were late for the movie...its either we were slow walkers or we just took our sweet time walking...ahahah

then we got this 10 free cokes and popcorn

thats when the reall pain begins

siew ho and weng wai were shooting ice throwing popcorn and dear yukane was hiding under the cinema seat..luckly i changed place or i would have join yukane under there

so we walked and walked and split up. guess what i got from xiann....he hold my hands and gave me a present. felt gay but when i opened i felt GAYER
i got pink boxers!!!!!!!!!!

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