Friday, January 4, 2008

List 5 presents you wish for
-a wish...(wish aieens wish wont come true)
-a new phoneee
-atv for my room
-a great life forever
-all the money i ever dream of

tagged by aileen

your 5 impression of her

-shorter than offence
-smart in her ways
-always wanting to be taller than me...wakakak

most memoriable thing she has said to you

" joshua you are so tall "

if she becomes your lover, you will

-if that ever happens then only ask me

if she bcomes your enemy,the reason will be

-she didnt get the sweet she wanted

pass this quiz to 10 person that you wish to know how the feel about you

-alwi imran
-aileen yeo
-siew ho
-jing yann
-i lazy to think

who is number 7[amanda] having relationship with
- i dunno...she is single i guess

who is number 9[krystin] having relationship with
-she is single i think

if number 9[krystin] and 1[alwi] were together,will that be a good thing ?

what about 1[alwi] and 5[siew ho]

what is number 3[vicky] studying
-how should i know

when was the last time you chatted with number 6[jing yann]
-ermm during the hols...she called...wakakak

does number 4 [sabreena] work?

has any cousin of hers own school
-dont think so...

will you be will number 10[lazy to think person]

how about number 5[siew ho]
-HECK NO..not gay

does number two[aileen] has any siblings?
-yea i seen her bro before

how did you get to know 2[aileen] and 4[sabreena]

where does number 1[alwi] lives?
- i think somewhere near ss3

how did you get to know 2[aileen]
-in school sktm when she was taller than me

is number 5[siew ho] the sexiest person in the wrold
-to some people yes...hahhaha

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