Friday, January 25, 2008

lol yesterday was soo funn...

went to school for unggul then stayed in school....didnt finish my moral hw yet though heheh

so yukane kena stand on me for you belian kempas and balau people you would know what mr ho punishes you with ryte. kekeke. then siew ho came to me before school start and said the outing cancelled. I was like "wthhh!!!" so i reinvited someother people and guess what sab told was a suprise in the end...screwed man screwed

so we decided to mash the two groups to one....and yea hope everthing works out later

anyway after school they you know...pour water
bugger i must bow down to them cause you know why? They poured in front of pn wong
then they took me outside...and XIANN POUR 7up

shit him mannn i smelt like 7up in the car all the way home. had to wash my bag somemore.
haha but alls worthcause once a year where you feel the pain. Weng wai and Craig knowws what i mean. XD

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