Wednesday, January 9, 2008

wow school then holiday...not bad. the thing is i am stuck with so many hws from tuition and school.
AHH i hate hw. especially me i would cry now if i got the time

HAPPY BDAY julian and lianggg...i should have sprayed them with water but seeing they are wet enough i let them go....XD (truth is i got no more water)

aiyoooo this saturday got school somemore. not to say i dont like but clashes with everything i wanted to do on that day. SHESHHH

today mr chuah came into our class and he told us he encountered a gay before. LOL

some gay dude took his bro phone and told them "i didnt steal you bro's phone no worries. i just took it" LOL la

one of mr chuahs jokes:

yu kane bought a puzzle and went home to start on it. he finished it in 2 months time. he went to his friend and said

"I finish the puzzle in two monthsssss" yu kane said

"Aiyoo that anyone can finish in two minutes time" joshua [friend] said

"but you see here they say [2-3 years]".....

joke number two :

"I am holy like cheese.....cause cheese got so many holes"

haha so anyone wants lame yet funny jokes go to him...he rocks at it...wakakaka

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