Thursday, May 29, 2008


hillsong united rocks!!!!!!

it all started when i left the house at 7.15.......

my mum and i were in the car
we were looking for glad tidings
my face showed full of excitement
couldnt wait to get down...and when i did

"excuse me if you are here for hillsong united, its in the other glad tidings" someone told us
ahhh i rushed into the car and my mum drove like super fast to get to jalan 13/4

and when i did i was late for the concert. Actually i reached there just in time
yea called victoria...she didnt pick up
i spent my 30 minutes alone...then here's the best part

i recognize some tall dude's hairstyle and guess what

haihz i didnt take any pics cause i was rushing and forgot the camera...and i thought my bluetooth was spoiled but then it worked today
damn it...unlucky

well today wasnt that bad..quite tired actually
cause i went for badminton with tuition teacher and friends and guess badminton court
we had to use a tennis court...potong steam
we looked like idiots playing badminton in a tennis court..xD

LOL thats about it...ciaoz

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