Friday, May 16, 2008

last night was the beginning of the "exam's over" holidays

went to school and it was pretty fun
ate cake and got cake all over my face..long story

then we went 1u..well it wasnt that bad
haha you should have seen them in the movies
90% talking and the ten just watching
yea should have brought jacket inside...was freezing cold till my fingers were numb

on our way home xiann and i stop my at my house to grab weng wai's bike and mine to the park
wanna know something ? he broke my bike and weng wai's in one ryte he

sooo as i was saying, not a bad day after all..had a really really good sleep after that

hahah anyways there isnt much to blog these few days
exams with stress results with more

lol there is this emptiness in life that i can't seem to fill it up
a gap hole that is deep within
the question keeps occuring in my mind

Am i doing the right thing in life? Or is it the path i am following wrong?
What did i do to deserve so much or even deserve nothing?

Should i move on or should i stop and wait?

different questions about different things...but then guess what


haha well life's like you do something and when you wake up everything is gone

try to hold on but cant

satisfaction is not important at that moment

cause all you had is just a memory....

i remember when my grandpa was around..well i still miss him
i went through dang's blog and i felt tears rolling down my eyes
cause all we done for them..have we done enough?
i regretted i didnt attend my grandfather's funeral..which was in 2003 or 2004

now it has been 5 years or so i have been without him.
i remember everytime i had to perform on stage, everytime without fail he would come down from taiping just to watch me have fun

and i could see him like he is really there now if i am on stage...
i didnt get to tell him how much i miss him or love him

i dont want to make the same mistake again..
telling the ones i love and the one i fallen in love with that i love them...that i need them in my life
sorry dang for writting this post...

i am sorry grandpa

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