Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wow its been sometime since i blogged

well lets get started

i came back from genting at about 3 pm yesterday
genting wasnt as boring as i expected

sat many rides...yea i actually took a picture of the tracks while i was sitting on one of the rides
was so scared my phone will actually drop

and we sat on the corkscrew like about 3 times?? yea it made me had the urge to piss few times
had to rush to the toilet after every ride

ahha and genting was FREEZING.. i was shaking my balls off after sitting on the sungai rajang water ride thing...was all wet that time and it was so windy

hmmm the whole trip wasnt a screwup and i guess my cousins arent that bad after all

so now i am stuck here waiting for 8 pm to come... HILLSONG CONCERT

cant believe my parents actually let me go
i even turned down the 1u outing just to go for this concert
that shows how excited i am

oh yea and another bro is ON the way to taiping so i will be alone for few days...maybe a week but who cares

well will miss bullying him though...ahhahah
okay i think thats all

wanna watch tv and maybe go bump around looking for stuffs to do..practically nothing to do actually since my bro is gone... ;)

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