Saturday, May 31, 2008

indiana jones...hmm not a bad movie

just came back from the movies with my parents so decided to blog it out

another reason is cause i havent been blogging for few days


I found three more indiana jones movies inside my mums movies drawer.
Saving it for tomorrow in case I get bored


okay i seriously dunno what to blog about

oh yea just called hannah ...okay it was seriously random
i dunno who is who...what is going on...yea was kinda blurr the whole conversation
i was like " errr " and " huh " most of the time

what can i say they were noisy and i called them for 23 minutes...ahh die bill comes out i am sure gonna get it from dad

haihz..this is what happens if you know hannah

hahah jk jk

haihz okay thats about it
hannah asked me to sleep so thats what i am going to do ??

xD ciaoz

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