Wednesday, May 21, 2008

haihz its exactly 1.29 am and i am blogging
stupid dang

i was happily sleeping till my phone rang

i picked up the phone..."hello"

"you are going to dieeee" unknown voice

"siew ho ah" i said

"this is a red message you will die in5 minutes time"

"eh siew ho is it" i said

" (stupid noises) "

" Eh dang here sorry "


imagine how blurr was i when he said that
and now i am stuck online and i cant keep my eyes close for more than five minutes
dang really knows how to ruin ones sleep

and tomorrow i need as much energy to argue back with that pn cheng
(that useless fella dont wanna give me two marks you see whether i will give her hell or not) teacher my foot
put her brain under the microscope and it says IDIOT

(hope she doesnt know how to use a blog if not god help me)

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