Monday, October 15, 2007

wow..been tired for two days already..friday and sat i went out

Friday's news

- Went 1u with kum fong,ren chii, eric, siew ho, weng wai, theik yi and kevin wong..before that i walked to 1u with weng wai..went inside and we felt so cold cause was freaking hot when we walked..then we went to find the others..theik yi was lost so kum fong and kevin went to pick up the

Anyway we saw quite alot of peeps such as andrea aileen and their gang...Then before we went to watch "the seeker" , we went batting..poor siew ho was scared of heights so ermm dont need to tell you what was his reaction..then after the fun we went to watch the was that a fun and tiring day

Saturday's news

-Went to sabz house for raya open no nothing sick was done k..anyway erica amanda ren chii esther kum fong and siew ho was there too..we watched the creep..haizz okay okay i was the only one with one eye closed and both ears closed..haha was scared k

Like erica said "WORST BF"..haha bet i cant take my future gf (if i get one) to horro movies and expect her to hug

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